1. Dr joseph Michael Reply

      Preliminary new data via http://www.doctorjosephmichael.org
      presented proportion client/personnel, financial endorsement.
      Information at http://www.facebook.com/doctorjosephmichael
      Viewed your interview via http://www.cnnespanol.com with
      Ismael, the host of CALA program. Very respectful desp[ite the
      sensitive human nature discussion of gender equal potential.
      I referenced derivative of generalion lifestyle alienation from the
      philosophical humanism mechanical science education, financial
      rich poor, elder young, male female, nationalism culture, language,
      complexion, religion science, married single, heretosexual
      homosexual, western hemisphere of nations allopathic and eastern
      hemisphere of nations naturopathic medical ~ which can teamwork
      via http://www.un.org http://www.who.int behavioral science logic
      control of emotion that would stop, cure, prevent mental physical
      disease and therefore stop the bad news that we inherited and that
      which sorround us at the present time. transcendal and longevity
      scientists are aware of tribal era inherited exclusivism, that does not
      want over 90% of the population or its consitituents to live long and
      prosper from improving lives. It is impossible to stop abuse without
      enforcement. However national policy will not change unless people
      organize, learn then teach how to live young & prosper from improving
      lives. It is how delayed science & new migration established themselves
      professional, succeeded over social economic alienation, discrimination,
      demonization. Acknowledgement of how the universe works: planetary
      tribal human species evolution, respective advantages/disadvantages
      via equal maximum potential, philosophical resolve problems, improve
      behavior relations via best proven political science solutions, improves
      our product services to guarantee 100 years young and stop bad news.
      Call Doctor Joseph michael at 702-541-1730 for additional information.
      If not able to get beyond national institution abuse of our government
      censure, then organize with others via proven 3 dimensional universal
      map, principles, doctrine, anecdote,resolve and procedure.

  1. Luis Rivera Reply

    Lucía, esta mañana escuche, parcialmente, una participación tuya referente a la violencia verbal, habrá forma que la pueda ver o escuchar completa?

    Mil gracias por la atención y felicidades por tus artículos, llevo toda la mañana leyéndolos.


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